history of 3D graphics

in the 1960’s a man named William fetter (SEE WILLIAM FETTER POST)  created the term computer graphics to describe his new design methods, he was also in 1964 the first person to created in 3D a human figure model. Also a man named Steve Russel created the first 3d computer game named SpaceWars. also in 1965 Jack Bresenham created the first line drawing algorithm.

in 1972 Nolan Kay Bushnell the famous Pong  arcade game. John Whitney Jr and Gary Demos Created the very first computer graphics film. in 1974 a man named Edwin Catmuff created texture mapping and the Z-buffer hidden-surface algorithm, also James Blinn invented 3D curved surfaces and  the refinement of texture mapping, in 1976 he also invented enviroment  mapping and bump mapping.

Image courtesy nostalgia.com

in 1982 Steven Lisberger created Tron the  first Disney movie which makes extensive use of 3D computer graphics. in  1984 Wavefron tech.  created  Polhemus, the  first 3D graphics software. in the years following quite a few things where created these were:

  • 1985:
    • Pixar Animation Studios – “Luxo Jr.”, 1989, “ Tin toy”

    • NES – Nintendo home game system
  • 1987: IBM – VGA, Video Graphics Array introduced
  • 1989: Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) – SVGA, Super VGA formed
  •  in 1990 Hanrahan and Lawson created a piece of software called Renderman this was used in 1991 by Disney and Pixar to create Beauty and the Beast, a movie that used alot of CGI.in 1993 University of Illinois created Mosaic, the first graphic Web browser, also Steven Spielberg directed Jurassic Park, a very successful CG fiction film. in 1995 Buena Vista Pictures created the famous Toy Story movie, the first full-length, computer-generated, feature film and the NVIDIA Corporation introduced the GeForce 256 and GeForce3(2001)


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