Application Programming Interface (API) is an older technology that facilitates exchanging messages or data between two or more different software applications. API is the virtual interface between two interworking software functions, such as a word processor and a spreadsheet.

The software that provides the functionality described by an API is an implantation of the API. The API itself is abstract, it specifies an interface and the behavior of the identifiers specified in that interface; it does not specify how the behavior may be implemented.

There are two general kinds of API publishing policies that are often encountered:

  1. Some companies protect information on their APIs from the general public. For example, sony used to make its official playstaion 2 API available only to licensed PlayStation developers. This enabled Sony to control who wrote PlayStation 2 games. Such control can have quality control benefits and potential license revenue.
  2. Some companies make their APIs freely available. For example Microsoft makes the microsoft windows API public and Apple releases its APIs Carbon and Cocoa so that software can be written for their platform


A graphics processing unit is a graphics rendering device for a PC, Workstation or game console. Modern GPUs are very efficient at manipulating and displaying computer graphics. More than 90% of new desktop and notebook computers have integrated GPUs, which are usually far less powerful than their add-in counterparts.

A GPU is a type of CPU attached to a Graphics card dedicated to calculating floating point operations.There have been many companies producing GPUs over the years, under numerous brand names. The current dominators of the market are AMD manufacturers of the ATI Radeon and ATI FireGL graphics chip line and NVIDIA manufacturers of the NVIDIA Geforce and NVIDIA Quadro graphics chip line.


A shader in the field of Computer Graphics is a set of software instructions, which is used by the graphic resources primarily to perform Rendering effects.


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