Radiosity and Raytracing

radiosity is rendering technology which simulates realistic lighting onto a 3D enviroment which will then change depending to the enviroment.


radiosity provides soft edges, colour displacement and realistic shadows however with a normal light you get really hard edges and just the basic shadow


Cartesian coordinate system

the Cartesian coordinate system was created by  Rene Descartes, a french mathematician and philosopher. this system consists of 2 axes the X and the Y.


 until later on when the Z axis was introduced. This third axis enables us to locate any point in three-dimensional space.

View portsThey allow you to see a three-dimensional shape in different ways.



“How Its Made” video games


pixar’s production pipeine

Story Idea’s

Pixar is is very close company, in which everyone listens to everyone else and when it comes to the plans for the story of a new animation, whether a full feature movie or a short animation, anyone who has an idea for a story can chime in and put their ideas out there, this gives the producers of the animation alot of options, and sometimes they will blend several story ideas together. what the producers try to get out of these story pitches is to try to find a story that will make the viewer believe in the idea.

 the story idea usually take about a week or two to complete.

The Text Treatment

the text treatment is a very short document that is pieced together which vaugely summerizes the story idea which has been chosen, this document is then passed to several departments, the script writers, storyboards, producers…

there can be several of these documents going round as at this point the final story has not been chosen, the script writers and the storyboarders will then add a bit more depth into these documents, this will help the producers finally decide the idea that they are going with.

 the text treatment usually only takes about 3-4 week to complete.


after the final idea has been decided the vague ideas are documented and given again to the storyboarders, then the storyboards are made, the storyboards are very small undetailed comic books that give an impression of what is going to happen in the scene, this includes a brief temporary script, temporary camera angles and temporary sounds 

 the story boards can take up to 5 months to complete.

Voice Talent recordings

this is the part where pixars hires celeb’s to come in  and record the lines for the storyboard, this is quite simple as they just need to record quick quotes as the this is just a vague impression given to  help the director get a final impression of the story.

this should take around 3 weeks.


 after the storyboard is complete the script writers start thinking of what they want the characters to say, this is one of the most lengthy parts of the animation production, as they have to think of every word carefully, because if the movie doesn’t sound right then the main target audience (children) are not going to understand of follow the movie.

the script can take anywhere from 4-6 months. 

artist rendering

after all of this it gets to the art department, in which the start to sketch and design characters and landscape designs for the movie